Credentials and Reviews


Hiring a musician and/or soloist for any occasion or purpose is extremely important and can be a complex task. It can truly ‘make or break’ an event. Music selection and its performance to an audience is actually mission critical because it sets the mood and inspires the participants to enjoy the event at the ultimate level. Whether heard strictly in the background or as a focal point, the importance of music cannot be over-accentuated in order to create well being and enjoyment to all its listeners.

The following highlights my training and experience, and illustrates how I can provide a quality music experience per your specific
requirements …

  • Child prodigy of music beginning at age 5, with weddings and funerals being played at age 9 and piano lessons being taught at age 13
  • Music Director, Organist, Choir Director and Soloist at Seven Holy Founders for over 20 years
  • Music Director, Organist, Choir Director and Soloist at Our Lady of Providence for over 10 years
  • Bachelor of Music Education Degree
  • 30+ years experience as a vocalist, pianist and organist
  • 30+ years of music direction, planning and teaching
  • Music expert in planning and performing for wedding ceremonies, funerals, church services/masses, choir direction, special events, private and holiday parties



“Hi Linda – Just wanted to tell you what a magnificent job you did at Debbie and Tony’s wedding Friday night. The music was beautiful. We have received so many comments about the good music and questions as to “where did you find that singer?” Your voice is just wonderful and the music added so much to the ceremony. Thank you again for being so easy to work with – and for doing such a nice job.”

-Sandy Hawickhorst

“My daughter, Emily, has been a student of Linda’s for close to two years. She began taking lessons with no prior training in piano and has learned and grown tremendously in that time. Emily thoroughly enjoys her weekly lessons and admires Linda’s abilities. I was not sure what to expect after hearing stories of kids that have to be bribed to practice and dreading lessons. That has not been my experience at all, in fact, there are times we have to tell Emily to stop practicing. She really looks forward to her lessons each week and the new challenges that are given to her by Linda. Friends and family are amazed at all that Emily has learned in the time that she has been taking lessons.”

-Lisa Wildhaber

“What a door Linda opened for me when she asked to teach me organ 17 years ago. Always challenging and encouraging, she helped form me into the musician and teacher I am today. I never would have became involved in the church music ministry had it not been for her. Talented, versatile, witty, and creative, Linda is truly one of the best I have ever seen in my 24 years of making music. Thank you so much, Linda!”

-Angie LaMacchia Moll

“Fortunately for us Linda was available to be the soloist at our son’s wedding at Graham Chapel on the campus of Washington University, August 7, 2010. Graham chapel is really a music venue that is used as church. Linda’s beautiful voice and piano playing fit perfectly into and filled that venue. One of the first questions my wife and I were asked at the reception by many of our friends was “Who was the soloist?”. Everyone was impressed with Linda’s talents. I have been to many, many weddings and have yet to hear Linda’s equal.

Thanks again, Linda. If there is anything Stephanie and I can do to help, you know where we are.”

-Bob Schultz

“Linda’s voice is incredible! She has the ability to set the mood for a perfect wedding. Professional, talented and caring, Linda will meet with you to find out what you want for this special day! I cannot express how comforting it was to have Linda as part of each of my three children’s weddings. We went back to her time and again. She was one of the first calls I made following the engagement. Her voice is breathtaking and can fill a Church. This voice of an angel was exactly what we were looking for! You will be fortunate to have her as part of your special day!”

-Ann Marie Chromoga

“I’ve been listening to Linda sing for many years and have always known that I wanted her as our musician for my wedding one day. She has such a beautiful and distinct voice, not to mention her professionalism and experience complete the package. Linda was easy to work with and had excellent ideas when choosing the music for our ceremony. She made our wedding so special. It will be a day I’ll never forget”.

-Katie Tenholder

“Linda DiFranco was the pianist/soloist for my son’s wedding on August 7, 2010. The wedding was at Graham Chapel, Washington University in St. Louis. I heard Linda sing for the first time several years ago at a Catholic Church funeral mass where her beautiful voice seemed to come from such depth of feeling that I was truly moved by the sound. That day I realized I wanted her to be the soloist at my son’s wedding. Linda’s singing voice is clear and pure and has a unique beauty that seems to draw you in. The Laclede String Quartet played the instrumentals and they were very good, yet it was Linda’s voice that was most memorable to me. Linda was also very helpful, friendly and professional in her help with song choices prior to the ceremony.”

-Stephanie Schultz

“We were so happy that Linda DiFranco was able to perform at our wedding. The music at a wedding sets the tone of the ceremony and Linda did a beautiful job. She was able to incorporate both the traditional music we wanted while infusing more contemporary songs to make our wedding feel unique! She had a plan for the entire wedding and fabulous suggestions for each portion of the ceremony. Our meeting with her was so much fun and her voice is just stunning! With so much to worry about on your wedding day, it was wonderful to know that our music and ceremony were in such good hands.”

-Chris and Sarah Simpson

“Linda, It was terrific working with you again. You are always the first recommendation I give to clients. You are extremely versatile and your ability to perform so many styles is a real plus for any wedding. I always look forward to events when I know you will be there working with us!

-Wendy Lea, Music Director
Maryville Symphony Orchestra

“When my son and daughter-in-law were planning their wedding they had no idea what they wanted for music during the ceremony. I immediately remembered how much our family always enjoyed how beautifully Linda DiFranco played and sang at our parish for so many years. I contacted her and she was wonderful. She met with the bride and groom and helped them pick out the songs they wanted. She made arrangements with the church where the ceremony was to be held. She gave us the list of songs for the program. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Most importantly, she performed beautifully – providing the perfect background for the event.”

-Sue Erschen

“I have had the privilege of knowing Linda DiFranco for over 10 years. Not only is she a kind and sincere person but she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Her voice comes out with such ease and clarity that you want to sit back and truly enjoy the sounds you hear!! Her professionalism is apparent and she does her very best each time she performs. She has sung at several family members weddings, in addition to three of my own children’s ceremonies and the reaction from people in the church has been outstanding. It is a true pleasure and privilege to know her and enjoy the beautiful voice she has been given. “

-Kit Pitcher

“The minute I became engaged, I knew the one person I had to have sing at my wedding was Linda! I have known her for years and she still blows me away with her voice. Not only is she a great singer, but she is also a wonderful person. She really listens and helps direct you towards exactly what you envision on your special day! My husband and I could not have been happier with the way our wedding ceremony turned out. Linda puts in the effort and the perfection every time she performs. She is extremely professional and only wants the best for those she is serving! Thanks Linda for making our day even better than we could have imagined!”

-Meghan and Steve Rak