Your Single Source Music Expert

Creating a pleasant and memorable event Linda at organ(1)and inspiring the listeners requires natural talent, extensive training, and years of experience to select and perform the music at the highest level.

So whether for a single occasion or for an ongoing event, be sure to consider all of the following to achieve the perfect, stress-free occasion at a very affordable price.

… AND feel confident about your selection once you’ve made it.


As a lifelong musician and vocal artist, I am professionally trained and have extraordinarily high standards for all performances.

Easy Going and Flexible

I am extremely simple to work with, very flexible with music selection and easily accessible by phone or email.

“One Woman Show”

I provide both the instrumental and vocal portions of your music, eliminating any stress involved in coordinating both the musician and soloist.


Because I provide both the instrumental and vocal portions of your service, my prices are highly affordable and modestly priced


Hiring a professional who is reliable and in whom you have confidence eases your mind and allows the event to transpire seamlessly without any hassles or worries.


Outstanding customer service and attention to detail are also distinctive traits of mine that ensures excellently orchestrated and consistently executed music, uniquely designed to parallel your event.